I started editing as a hobby and then decided to make it my career. I apprenticed for Charles Kramer and continue to work with him on various projects still. I also spent my first couple of years working as an assistant editor for companies such as: Allison Grodner and Fly On The Wall Productions, Playboy Television, Endemol, Pilgrim Studios, Magical Elves and Shine America.

I completed the Power Edit Academy taught by Jeff Bartsch and made the jump to editor. Since then I have worked on sizzle reels for Disney and Google. For a year I was an Editor in a live broadcast environment creating highlights for Fox Networks Engineering and Operations, notably for the segments “The One Nominees” and “The One” (aired on Fox Sports Live, America’s Pre-Game, The Mike Francessa Show, Sky Sports and all Fox affiliates). In reality television, I have worked on the projects The Amazing Race (Emmy nominated), Ghost Planes (documentary), iHeart Pool Ultimate Pool Party, a special episode of American Chopper, Season 2 of Street Outlaws: New Orleans and the first two seasons of Zombie House Flipping for Pilgrim Studios. I continue to work freelance in reality and documentary genres and hope to break into the scripted world at some point


Reality Television

•    Chasing The Cure Live 1st Season; TNT & TBS; Documentary
•    The Amazing Race 30th & 31st Seasons; CBS; Reality Competition
•    The Daily Chill 1st Season; Quibi; Unscripted 
•    Going From Broke 1st Season; Crackle; Reality Competition 
•    Zombie House Flipping Seasons 1 & 2; FYI & A&E; Reality 
•    Street Outlaws New Orleans Season 2; Discovery; Reality
•    Street Outlaws “Farm Truck’s Return”; Discovery; Reality
•    American Chopper “Shaq Bike”; Discovery; Reality
•    iHeart Radio “Ultimate Pool Party”; CW; Competition Game Show
•    Ghost Planes Documentary; History Channel
•    Freakshow “1 Nail Bed of Nails”; AMC; Reality
•    Freakshow “Todd’s Odd Gifts”; AMC; Reality
•    Street Outlaws “Young And Old Blood”; Discovery; Reality
•    Badass! 303; Playboy Television; Unscripted
•    Miami Food & Wine Fest “Grilling”; Food Network; Unscripted
•    Miami Food & Wine Fest “Food Trucks”; FN; Unscripted
•    Miami Food & Wine Fest “Chopped Baskets”; FN; Unscripted
•    You’re Cut Off Season 2 205; VH1; Competition Game Show
•    Beautiful Homes & Great Estates 806 & 807; Fios; Unscripted
•    MyDestination.TV 601 & 602; Fios; Unscripted
•    CARS.TV 1009, 1010, 1012, 1013 & 1014; Fios; Unscripted
•    Who Knew? 561 - 565; Yahoo; News

Live Broadcast Television

•    Fox Sports Live Season 2; FS1; Sports & News
•    America’s Pregame Season 2; FS1; Sports & News
•    The Mike Francessa Show Season 2; FS1; Sports & News
•    Fox Sports Night in America Season 2; Sky Sports ; Sports & News

Short Film

•    The Curious Cat Italia Scope Films

Musical Performance

• DDI Syntronix, Inner Realm at Lumonics; MTV; Musical Performance 
• FAR Jupiter Sunrise, Flying Camels, Balance at Cinespace; MTV; MP

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